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Pompa Celup Air Bersih

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product arrow Tsurumi Family 12 A ( Pompa Celup Air Bersih )

Price Rp 1.780.000
Berat 4,50 Kg

~ Space-saving
~ Special weather-proof resin (AAS resin)
~ Anti-wicking cable entry
~ Automatic motor protection device
~ Mechanical seal
~ Attachable 15mm hose coupling

Application Examples:
~ For gardening (flowerbeds, garden trees, and vegetable gardens)
~ For cleaning/draining swimming pools
~ For emergency draining flooded basements
~ For cleaning boats and yachts in lakes and ponds
~ Recommended and best for pumping clean water

Model: Family-12A SEA (Otomatis)
Watt: 100 watt
Daya angkat: maks. 6.0 meter
Max. Output: 4800 liter/jam
Outlet Pipa keluar: 15/25mm
Kabel: 3 meter
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